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"A superb collection of heartfelt storytelling" with "sublime performances that stretch across the spectrum of jazz expression."

- Dan Ouellette, Liner Notes.  Downbeat contributor, editor ZealNYC

"4 STARS! Hot scat-singing, heated guitar playing... an excellent introduction to the music of Stacey and Alan Schulman."

- Scott Yanow, Jazz Artistry Now

“Exceptional album… Stacey’s singing voice, fresh and vibrant, casts a youthfully optimistic glow on the songs she sings, while bringing mature understanding to her interpretation of the lyrics… they find new ways to approach the songs, ways that preserve the origins yet make out of them very personal statements.”

- Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly

"The sparseness of this production is effective and makes Schulman’s voice twinkle and shine like a Northern star... Alan Schulman’s dexterity and rhythm guitar become the trampoline where his wife’s vocals can dance and play."


- Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs Blog

"Singing is glide-smooth; it’s often alluring. Varied scats are executed with second-skin ease. Breathy notes often emerge and fade as if diffused by airbrush, yet never fray. Guitar fingering is pristine whether manifesting enunciated jazz or contemplation."

- Alix Cohen, Cabaret Scenes

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