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Jun 16, 2018

Work is work


Like many artists, I have a day job to pay life's bills. I wish I could sing for my living, but that's just too hard to do full time with two kids, a dog, a cat and a husband (ok, not in that order)... but this week really wiped me out. My lyme started to flare last weekend and by Sunday morning I was having difficult getting out of bed, getting down the stairs, concentrating. I have a lot of neuro lyme and this time I was super dizzy with vertigo spells and this crazy sensation of dripping in my brain. The last thing I felt like doing was traveling on a business trip, but I did it. All the way to Los Angeles and back. I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 4pm on Monday and got up at 6am on Tuesday. The doxy helped me for the first few days but by Thursday I was herxing and having trouble walking. My knee joints were unstable and the pain in my back just awful... I was just thanking my stars that I didn't have to perform this week. So, while I'm happy for the diversion of work, sometimes I really wish I didn't hafta...

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  • Work occupies so much of our time when we are well that it's hard to adjust when we suddenly find ourselves on disability unable to move or think as quickly as we used to. Many of our Lyme video participants expressed the desire to get back to work - but with renewed purpose to fight for the Lyme community. If that rings a bell for you, this is your forum!