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Hope you dig it.
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"Sublime performances that stretch across the spectrum of jazz expression."                   - Dan Ouellette, Liner Notes.  Downbeat contributor, editor ZealNYC

"4 STARS! Hot scat-singing, heated guitar playing..."

- Scott Yanow, Jazz Artistry Now

“Exceptional album… Stacey’s singing voice, fresh and vibrant, casts a youthfully optimistic glow on the songs she sings.”       - Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly

"The team knows how to swing like gypsies." 

 - George Harris, Jazz Weekly

"Hauntingly beautiful."  

- Jay Daniels, Simply Timeless Radio Show

"Nothing short of enchanting."

- Mike Perciaccante, All About Jazz

“Meditative guitar work and sensitive collaborative chemistries.”  

- Marquis Global Network

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