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What a ride! 

As Is has been touring across the Indian subcontinent and the United States making stops in Goa, New York, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, New Jersey and New Orleans.  We're sharing our latest CD - Here's to Life - with the world!!


Want to bring us to YOUR hometown?



2018/19 Tour Dates

2/17/18  CD Release Party - NJ

2/18/18  Simply Timeless Radio

2/24/18 The Harth Lounge - Cincinnati

3/6/18   The Triad Theater - NYC

4/17/18  Rockwood Music Hall - NYC

7/17/18  Rockwood Music Hall - NYC

8/2/18   The Triad Theater - NYC

11/1/18   Davenport's - Chicago

11/4/18  Rockwood Music Hall - NYC

4/12/19 The Grove - Cedar Grove, NJ

7/24/19 The Triad Theater - NYC

10/28/19 The Triad Theater - NYC

Stay Tuned for More Dates Coming Soon!

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